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Shipping Information    

FCL (Full Container Load) - is available in 20ft (30 cbm), 40ft (60 cbm) and 40ft high cube (64 cbm) containers. Shipments sent FCL are loaded in Bali and unloaded at the destination, hence there is considerably less handling and moving of the goods.

For all FCL shipments, we take delivery of the container and personally supervise the packing, allowing us to have full control of how the goods are placed in the container, thus maximizing the available space and ensuring that everything is packed tightly and correctly.

FCL shipments are more cost effective than sending anything more than 13 cubic meters as LCL. Local clearance charges are charged per container or per cubic meter. More than 13 cbm and it is often more economical to send FCL.

Rates for 20ft, 40ft and 40ft high cube containers vary according to the shipping line, the destination and the time of year. Accurate estimates of shipping costs to the destination designated by you are available upon request. Shipping cost estimates include all fees incurred during the shipping process - packing, handling, documents, fumigation, license fees, etc.


We can provide quotes from a number of shipping companies and forwarders to suit your budget, however when we use our integrated cargo company we can guarantee delivery schedules and ensure a trouble free journey for your consignment.

Cost of Filling a Container
The cost of filling a container with a variety of goods - furniture, stoneware, handicrafts etc. - is generally between US $8,000 and $15,000 for a 20' container and between $15,000 and $25,000 for a 40' container.

For bulk shipments the price, of course, is considerably less. For example a 20ft container of landscaping rocks will contain approximately 1500 bags and will cost about US $4,000 to fill.

A 40' container is useful for large shipments that will otherwise exceed the volume of a 20' container where gross tonnage and maximum space is required. For example it is more cost effective to ship bulky bamboo furniture in a 40' container.


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