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Shipping Information    

But on the other hand, because of weight limitations, a 20' container may be more economical when shipping heavier objects like stone or marble. A 40' HC, or High Cube, has the same length and width as a regular 40' container but the additional 12' in height increase the volume by 4 cubic meters.

Product Packing
Packing of both individual and bulk purchases are completed in our warehouse / cargo facilities. For handicraft products, the items are wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap then packed into cardboard boxes or, depending on the fragility of the item, a wooden crate with shredded paper. Larger items, i.e. furniture, are individually wrapped in foam sheeting and then corrugated cardboard for protection.

Large fragile items (ceramic pots, stone products, etc.) are wrapped and then a wooden frame is constructed to hold and protect the object during shipment. Silica Gel sachets are added to all packed products.

All packed items / boxes /crates are numbered and contents listed and correlate to the packing list and shipping invoice for your easy reference once you receive the shipment. We highly recommend that all container loads use Super Dry Units for moisture absorption control.


Export Documentation
Our handling of your cargo arrangements includes taking care of all the relevant export documentation required by the Indonesian authorities and special documentation required by the destination country such as Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Certificates of Origin, Bills of Lading, Customs Clearances and Indonesia Fumigation certificates, etc. Cost for the preparation of these documents is included in the shipping cost estimate. When your shipment is ready to proceed and documentation is completed and released from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce all documents are forwarded via courier to your broker / agent.

Upon departure from Bali you will be given a copy of the shipping agreement with details of all packing, handling and shipping costs included, a shipping schedule with estimated time of departure and arrival of your goods, full contact details of our shipping agent in your country or region and, if time permits, a copy of the packing documentation to take home with you. Our shipping agent will then contact you. You may also contact us or our agent at anytime during the shipping process.


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